Chinmaya Balavihar Residential Summer Camp 2018

ChinmayaMission is an organization that was founded by Swami Chinmayananda, one of the greatest spiritual masters of the 20th century. Swamiji worked with a single aim of spreading the knowledge of scriptures and all activities of the Mission are oriented towards the same. The classes and activities are tuned to the different age groups.

Chinmaya Mission conducts classes for children in the age group of 5-15 years, under the banner of Chinmaya Balavihar. Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda believed that “Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit”. With this aim in mind he started the Balavihar Classes which have now become popular all over the world. These classes imbibe the rich values of the scriptures in the young mind, thereby enabling them to face the challenges of life with a smile.

In the Balavihar classes children meet once a week under the guidance of a trained sevika, in a pure atmosphere of love. These classes impart to the children, the glory of our rich culture and instil in them a deep reverence for our rich heritage. These classes mould the children to face the challenges in life and grow into responsible citizens.

In these classes, children come together once a week and learn under the guidance of a trained sevak / sevika. They are exposed to the rich and glorious heritage of our country and the values of life as prescribed in the scriptures. The following are the activities that are done in the Balavihar classes
1.    Chanting of Stotrams, Bhagawad Geeta and Veda Mantras
2.    Singing of melodious Bhajans
3.    Introducing values of life through Story Telling
4.    Activities and Games aimed at bringing out the hidden talents in the children
5.    Celebration of important festivals explaining the significance

Apart from these we have activities around the year where children from the different Balavihars come together.
Chinmaya Mission has more than 80 such classes running in various parts of Bangalore.

After 11 years of long break, the most cherished one - Balavihar Residential Camp was announced, extending invite to balavihar & non-balavihar children.
The below links carry the information right from the invite for the Residential Summer Camp to children's experience in detail

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